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Hunger pangs are experienced by everyone. A large number of people desire to end these pangs with salty and sugary delights, which are also best in nutritive value. Caring for such consumers, our company was formed to play the role of a trader for producing salty and sugary food items.

We have been sufficing the cravings of consumers through our variety of sugary and salty food and beverage delights like Chana Crackers Namkeen, Tangy Tomato Puffs, Pure Sattu, Fryum Chips and many more. We also supply various food items like Black Kidney Beans, Mung Beans, Black Gram, Brown Rice, Moong Dal, etc.

Our offered line is 100% quality approved as it is made by employing amazing recipes and hygiene based food processing and packaging equipment. We support the thought of making clients happy for our business growth and high customer-retention rate. And for this, we keep focus on improving our line of products, advancing product processing techniques and making clear deals. To continue serving for lifelong, progressive view in business has been adopted by our company.

Our Future Plan

We have plan to cater for a very long time in the industry for which we are aiming to become a powerful identity that serves as the leader of Food & Beverage Industry. To grow steadily and serve in the long run, we have plans of widening our variety of food products which includes Chatpata Masala Puffs, Sev Bhujia Namkeen, Salted Roasted Peanuts Namkeen and other products.

Our Mission
We aim at:
  • Making our existence felt in the Food & Beverage Industry through production of new sugary and salty food products.
  • Becoming the first priority of customers in India and Abroad for sourcing variety of food products.

Our Employees, Our Strengths

Behind quality production is a faithful team that never produces faulty products and this is why dynamic team has become the strength of the company. Production to delivery, all operations are being handled by a small but powerful team of 15. Our strong-willed team members ensure quality management system is followed at every stage so that every pack of food is made in quality.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • Customer Satisfaction- To satisfy clients, we focus on making available flexible transaction making modes and dealing clearly with every customer.
  • International Presence- Our company is enjoying its growing reputation in the worldwide largely because of its presence in the foreign market.
  • Working Environment- In our company's environment, no unfair means are adopted by any of the professional to attain good business results.