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A Right Stop That Serves Quality Pusa Basmati Rice, Brown Rice, Moong Dal, etc...

About Us
About Us

Hunger pangs are experienced by everyone. A large number of people desire to end these pangs with salty and sugary delights, which are also best in nutritive value. Caring for such consumers, our company was formed to play the role of a trader for producing salty and sugary food items.

We have been sufficing the cravings of consumers through our variety of sugary and salty food and beverage delights like Chana Crackers Namkeen, Tangy Tomato Puffs, Pure Sattu, Fryum Chips and many more. Besides that we also supply various food items such as Pusa Basmati Rice, Brown Rice, Black Kidney Beans, Mung Beans,Maize Sattu, Black Gram, etc.

Why Choose Us

Our offered line is 100% quality approved as it is made by employing amazing recipes and hygiene based food processing and packaging equipment.

Our Future Plan

The history of a company shows its identity and purpose of existence. At DM Food & Beverages, we have plans to serve..

Our Mission

Bettering our position in the worldwide market through continuous production of healthy food products.

Our Employees, Our Strengths

DM Food & Beverages has been growing steadily by making quality products reach at customers' doorstep